Community Engagement Framework

Published on 01 February 2024

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Burnie City Council’s Draft Community Engagement Framework outlines Council’s commitment to our community of when Council will engage with our community about matters that impact them, and to outline how this can be expected to occur.

We are currently displaying our Community Engagement Framework in a public exhibition to receive feedback from the community.  

Please enjoy the slide presentation below and provide feedback in the short survey

What are your thoughts, did we get it right? Feedback closes midnight Friday 1st March 2024


As part of our Strategic Plan – Making a Better Burnie 2044 – we developed five goals and enablers to help improve and advance our city. This Community Engagement Framework aligns with Goal-5 Democratic and Engaged Communities, and through the enabler of Community Consultation.

Evidence suggests that there has been a notable and significant increase in positive community engagement in the last twelve months during the trial of the objectives outlined in this Draft Community Engagement Framework.

Some of the positive benefits that we have noted since implementing the strategies include:

  • A significant increase in our social media reach and participation.
  • Higher engagement with our website and social media sites.
  • Different demographics are engaging with us on matters important to them.
  • The positive perception of our city is growing.
  • The negativity on our social media platforms experienced before this trial period was significant. By far, most interactions are now positive, and where there is feedback or negativity, we have measures in place to respond effectively to concerns raised where appropriate.
  • Better decisions are being made due to the community’s opportunity to participate in providing their thoughts and ideas.



This presentation is now being shared with the community to gather feedback on the Framework.

After the exhibition period, the Framework will be amended where needed based on feedback, before being presented to the Council for adoption.

We strongly believe that diversity of opinion leads to the best outcomes for all.

Feedback for the Community Engagement Framework is open from Thursday 1st February 2024 and closes midnight Friday 1st March 2024.

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