Recycling Collection


Fantastic, if you are on this page that means you care about our environment and want to make a difference. Well done! 

Depending on where you live, your annual rates cover a fortnightly recycling collection - see which areas are eligible.(PDF, 246KB)

Just a few service basics first...



What do I do if I need a new recycling bin?

To request a recycling bin for a newly built house please complete this Waste or Recycling Collection Form(PDF, 97KB)

My bin wasn't collected. Who do I contact?  Please call Veolia directly on 03 6427 4646

Lost Bins

If you have moved to a property and the wheelie bin is missing please contact your property manager, or the previous owner to return the bin. To purchase a replacement please complete this Waste or Recycling Collection Form(PDF, 97KB).