Emergency Management

If you have any emergency please call 000

TasALERT is Tasmania's official emergency information source.  You can follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

While relatively rare, events or situations can occur that impact directly on residents or the operation of the broader community, examples include natural events such as: bush fire, flood, storm,  interruptions to essential services and transport routes, bio-security or public health emergencies.

Council works with many other agencies to understand the risks associated with such events and to put in place arrangements to assist in managing and mitigating the impact of these events.

In many instances Council is a support agency to  organisations such as Tasmania Police, Tasmania Fire Services, State Emergency Service and other agencies which  have specialised resources to respond to a range of situations.  

General information is provided to assist you  in planning how you may respond to an emergency situation and how to access relevant information should the need arise.

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