Committees of Council

Council operates a number of Special Committees focused on a specific purpose in the community. It appoints councillors and community members to form the committees.


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Audit Panel

Burnie City Council Audit Panel

Independent Members: Ken Clarke (Chairman), Saumya Goenka and Bill Hutcheson (members)
Council Representatives: Cr Chris Lynch and Cr David Pease (Proxy: Cr Amina Keygan)
Contact Officer: Bel Lynch, Director Corporate and Commercial Services

The Council’s Audit Panel is established to, among other things, act as the Audit Panel established required under the Local Government Act 1993.

The Panel exists to:

  1. Provide an independent mechanism to review Council processes and decision-making;
  2. Provide assurance that Council decisions are effective and reasonable;
  3. Act as an advisory body;
  4. Review and provide recommendations to the Council;
  5. Monitor the integrity of Council’s activities; and
  6. Review Council’s performance.


The Act specifies the matters that the Audit Panel is to consider in reviewing Council’s performance:

  1. Whether the annual financial statements of the Council accurately represent the state of affairs of the Council.
  2. Whether and how plans are integrated and the processes by which the assumptions under which, those plans were prepared.
  3. The accounting, internal control, anti-fraud, anti-corruption, and risk management policies, systems and controls that the Council has in relation to safeguarding its long-term financial position.
  4. The Panel is to consider whether the Council is complying with the provisions of the Act and any other relevant legislation.
  5. The Panel is to consider whether the Council has taken any action in relation to previous recommendations provided by the Panel to the Council, and if it has so taken action, what that action was and its effectiveness.


Audit Panel - Terms of Reference(PDF, 1MB)


Other Appointments

External committees and regional bodies

The following Councillors are currently appointed by Council to external committees and regional bodies:

Local Government Association of Tasmania voting delegate for BCC: Mayor Teeny Brumby

Tasmanian Water and Sewerage Corporation Pty Ltd Owners’ Representative for BCC:  Mayor Teeny Brumby

Western Emergency Management Planning Committee: Cr Justin Grave