In areas of high parking demand, timed parking spaces ensure equitable access to retailers, shops, and services within walking distance. Parking tickets, or infringement notices, are issued to vehicles exceeding the allotted timeframe. Motorists in Burnie must responsibly check and adhere to parking regulations to avoid penalties. 

Photos of your infringement.

View photos Parking Officers take photographs of the vehicle and relevant signage or road markings to support the infringement notice. 

Ways to Pay

Pay online

💻Online: Scan the QR code on your ticket, or go to: Infringement payments*

Your Infringement Number can be found on your ticket or notice (image below)

*Please note: Parking fines are available to be paid online the next business day after  they are issued.

Contact Council for same-day payments in cashier hours
📞 By phone   03 6430 5700  
🚶 In person  80 Wilson St.  View Map




How long do I have to pay a parking fine?

Please refer to the time and costs specified on the bottom of the parking ticket. Addressing the matter within 28 days is essential to prevent additional costs.

You must within 28 days of the date of service of the infringement notice do one of the following:

a) Pay the amount detailed on the notice in full to the Burnie City Council,  or

b) Contact the Council for a variation of payment conditions 03 6430 5700; or

c)  Apply for a Payment Arrangement(PDF, 96KB), or

d) Lodge with the Council an application in writing on the approved form for Withdrawal of the Infringement Notice here: Withdrawal request


Unpaid fines may be sent to the Monetary Penalties Enforcement Service (MPES) and will attract extra fees under the Monetary Penalties Enforcement Act 2005.


How penalty units are calculated

Penalty units, as stipulated by the Penalty Units and Other Penalties Act 1987, are published in the Tasmanian Gazette prior to July 1st for the upcoming financial year.  


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