Responsible Owners


Council's Dog Management Policy, works together with the Dog Control Act 2000 to ensure dog owners are responsible for their animals.

Responsible dog ownership requires a dog owner to accept full responsibility for meeting all the care and attention needs of their dog and for ensuring their dog does not become a threat or nuisance to the safety or welfare of any other person or animal.  

To discuss an issue with a barking dog please contact Council Offices on 03 6430 5700.

For more information refer to our Dog Management Policy(PDF, 475KB) 

  • The care and management of your dog
  • Registering your dog
  • When a kennel licence is required
  • When your dog needs to wear his collar
  • When your dog needs to be micro-chipped
  • Restricted breeds
  • Burnie's Dog friendly areas vs prohibited areas
  • Cleaning up after your dog
  • Nuisance and dangerous dogs
  • Information about keeping your dog under effective control


Dog Zones


Please refer to the State Government's Dog Control Act 2000 for your obligations as a dog owner under state legislation.