Waste Collection

Depending on where you live, your annual rates cover a weekly waste removal and fortnightly recycling collection.

Please note that 100% of your kerbside waste goes to landfill. If you can, try to divert any recyclable items from your waste bin to your recycle bin (from green lid to yellow lid).

Reducing the level of household waste is an easy exercise in rethinking old habits and watching what goes into our wheelie bins. Avoiding waste in the first place is a great way to start!

Our environment will benefit from a decreasing volume of landfill and an increase in recycling or re-use of products. Burnie City Council has set a target of 50:50 (landfill to recycle/re-use)

Lost or damaged bins

Residents are responsible for maintaining the waste bin to a serviceable standard. This includes wheels, axels, lids and lid bins.

Collection Times

Rubbish wheelie bins must be placed at the kerbside, clear of obstructions, prior to 7.30 am on the morning of collection or the night before. 

Bin size

Residents are to supply their own general Waste Bin. Waste must be placed in 120 or 240 litre mobile garbage (wheelie) bins. The maximum total weight of the bin is to be no greater than 50 kg.  Each property with kerbside garbage collection may place one bin out for collection.

Residents are responsible for the general maintenance of their wheelie bin (i.e ensuring the wheels and lid are in good working order).

Please Do Not

  • Compact your contents of the bin to the point that it has to be manually extracted by our drivers. This is an WHS issue for our operators.

  • Place items that have the potential to pierce or penetrate your waste bin under serviceable conditions.

  • Place hot or combustible material in your waste bin.