About Land Use Planning

Burnie Aerial

The purpose of land use planning is to identify adequate and appropriate opportunity to utilise land in a manner that will meet current and reasonably foreseeable needs of people and communities for social and economic activity. 

Use and development is to occur in a manner that will make best use of land, resources and infrastructure; protect natural and cultural values; and provide safe and pleasant places in which to live, work and visit while also maintaining the ability for air, land and water resources to support life in all its variable forms and settings.

Land use planning controls have applied within the Burnie municipal area since the late 1950’s.

The use and development of land in Tasmania is currently regulated under the systems and processes set out in the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.  The principal mechanism for implementing land use strategy and policy in relation to the future use and development of land is the planning scheme.


Tasmanian Planning Scheme

A planning scheme is an enforceable statutory document which sets out objectives and requirements for how land may be utilised.

A planning scheme comprises–

  1. a zoning map to indicate the purpose for which land within the municipal area may be used (eg - housing, business, industry, agriculture, recreation or open space);
  2. a series of overlay maps to indicate land that may be subject to a specific land use consideration; and
  3. a written document to contain the permit and compliance requirements that must be satisfied in order for the use and development of land to be lawfully commenced and carried out

The Burnie City Council has a statutory role as a planning authority to administer compliance to the requirements of a planning scheme as it applies to land within the municipal area, including to decide permit applications and to correct any breach.

The Tasmanian Planning Commission has a role to approve the content and currency of a planning scheme, including any draft amendment, having regard to the objectives of the Act and the requirements of any applicable State, regional and local land use strategy and policy.

The planning authority must keep the planning scheme under review, and may initiate a draft amendment if any aspect of the scheme requires change.