Making a Better Burnie 2044

Published on 28 September 2023

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The final Strategic Plan and Vision that will guide Burnie over the next 20 years has been adopted by Council.

Making a Better Burnie 2044 is now the long-term vision of Burnie City Council. Using the community’s feedback, we have shaped 5 goals each with their own key directions to guide Councils work and partnership with our community and key stakeholders as we advance towards 2044.

Over six months, the Burnie community was consulted extensively about what difference it wants its Council to make over the long-term. Over the next 20 years.

Our collective vision is of an exciting future - as a clean, green, economically strong city, known for its natural beauty, its industrial past and for our new forms of making.

This community consultation was the highest level of participation and feedback that council has ever experienced to date. And that is why this plan – Making a Better Burnie 2044 – is written by and for, the community.

Making a Better Burnie 2044 (compressed) by Burnie City Council Communications Officer

Making a Better Burnie 2044 will be the overarching plan for Council. Its purpose is identifying the communities’ main priorities and aspirations for the future and planning the strategies needed to achieve these goals.

Council will now comprehensively revise its 15-year long-term Assessment Management and Financial Management Plans to be informed by the new Strategic Plan direction. As will the 4-year Council Plan that determines what each Council in their local government term wants to achieve to bring about our vision for the future.   

Each year Council’s Annual Plan and Budget Estimates, including the Capital Works Program will all be designed by the principal activities from the overarching plan – Making a Better Burnie 2044.


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Burnie, let’s begin.

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