Information for Applicants

Advertised Positions

Burnie City Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer; all selections to positions are based on merit. Appointments are not influenced by factors that discriminate, such as: gender, marital status, age, pregnancy, ethnicity, sexual preference, culture, religion or disability. Selection is based on an applicant's ability to fulfil the requirements of the role. Council also has a range of family friendly policies and flexible working arrangements which will assist employees in meeting their family obligations.

Preparing your application

You should provide the following documents when submitting an application for employment. It is important to take your time preparing these documents, as the selection panel will only have this information on which to base their opinion as to whether you will proceed to the second stage.

Suggested documents:

  • Covering letter
  • Statements that address the selection criteria
  • Current resume
  • Any other relevant information 

Covering Letter

The covering letter is your way of introducing yourself. It should be concise, stating the position you are applying for, the documents you have enclosed and the reason why you are interested in the position. It is a good idea to keep it to one page.

Selection Criteria

All applications must include a statement addressing the selection criteria. This information will be used by the Selection Panel to match your skills, qualifications and experience against those required of the position. To make it easier for the Panel to assess your application, copy out each heading from the Selection Criteria and provide specific examples and evidence detailing how you meet, or have the potential to meet, each element.

Current Resume

Your resume should detail your employment history, including:

  • Details of the positions you have held
  • Dates of employment
  • Brief outline of duties undertaken, responsibilities, etc
  • Major achievements
  • Education and training
  • Details of names of at least two referees should also be included (preferably your current or a recent supervisor). If you are unable to provide names at this stage please make sure, if selected, that you bring these details to the interview.
  • General information

If possible, your application should be typed.

For ease of processing, please DO NOT send your application in bound or enclosed folders. Stapling your application is sufficient. DO NOT send originals of official documents.

Make sure your application reaches us by the closing date. Late applications may not be accepted.

Lodgement of Applications

By Email:

By Mail:
Burnie City Council 
PO Box 973 

In Person: 
80 Wilson Street 

Assessment of applications

After applications have closed, you will receive an acknowledgment letter so you know that we have received your application.

The Selection Panel will then assess all applications against the selection criteria.

The interview process

Applicants selected for interview will be contacted by a member of the People and Safety Team. This process normally takes 2 - 3 weeks from the date applications closed. Those applicants not selected for an interview are generally not advised of this until after first round interviews have been conducted.

Application checklist

Before you forward your application, take a moment to check that the following information has been included:

  • Covering letter
  • Statement addressing selection criteria
  • Current resume
  • Copies of relevant documents

Further checks:

  • Read all information
  • Double check closing date
  • Typed application, if possible
  • Stapled (no folder required)

Please ensure your contact details are current so the panel are able to contact you. It can cause unnecessary delays if the panel members are unable to contact an applicant.

Thank you for your interest in our organisation.