How to apply for Building and Plumbing approval

1. The Process

Identify your category of work and review the requirements, including the section on building owner's responsibilities: Categories of building work

Discuss your intentions with a Building Surveyor and/or Council's Permit Authority who can advise what design, application forms, permit, and inspection processes may be required in order to ensure that your work can be carried out lawfully.

Building Act Approved Forms


Then where applicable:

  1. Engage a licensed building designer and appropriately licensed building practitioner to help develop your ideas and plans.

  2. Engage a Building Surveyor to assess the plans and issue a Certificate of Likely Compliance.  The Certificate of Likely Compliance will indicate that the proposed work is likely to comply with the appropriate legislation and the National Construction Code (NCC) and will list conditions and inspections required.

  3. Once lodgement has been made you will receive an invoice. Payment of the applicable fee will be required before the assessment of the documents will commence.

  4. Once approval has been granted a Building Permit will be issued.  

    A Building Permit is valid for two years from the date of issue and building work must commence within 12 months of the date of issue.

    The builder is required to lodge a Building Start Work Notice to your Building Surveyor before any work can commence.  They must liaise with your Building Surveyor to undertake the required inspections and/or the Council Permit Authority for plumbing inspections.

2. Council's Role 

The Burnie City Council has a number of roles to play under the system. 

  • We must assess, inspect, and approve medium and high-risk plumbing work. 
  • We must assess and determine whether to grant a permit for high-risk building and demolition work. 
  • We must maintain a register of, and record the details for all building, demolition and plumbing work in the Burnie municipal area. 
  • We must advise owners of their responsibilities in relation to the construction and maintenance of buildings.
  • We must enforce compliance to the rules which apply for building work and maintenance.

The Council has adopted a set of fees in relation to these services. All applicable fees must be paid before the Council can perform the required function.

There are many aspects of building work for which the Council is not responsible.

Most building, demolition and plumbing work must be designed by a licensed designer. 

The assessment, certification and inspection of building and demolition work must be undertaken by a licensed Building Surveyor. 

Almost all building, demolition and plumbing work must be performed by an appropriately licensed building practitioner. 

The Council cannot provide advice or information in relation to design criteria, likely compliance of proposed building and demolition work, or the manner in which work on a building should be performed.  You will need to talk to a relevant private licensed building services provider or practitioner.

For further information on the system, and for copies of the relevant rules, go to the Building Regulator website