Burnie's Strategic Plan and Vision - Final Stage

Published on 04 August 2023

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Feedback for the Strategic Plan and Vision (Round 2) is now closed

Thank you to the community for submitting your feedback on the Draft Strategic Plan - Round two. 

The outcomes from the Community Consultation will now be taken to your councillors for discussions and refinement.

The final Strategic Plan and Vision that will guide Burnie over the next 20 years - will be taken to the August Council meeting to be endorsed.  

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The above flow graph shows where the Strategic Plan and Vision sits with Councils twenty year plan. 



July 2023

Thank you Burnie for supplying your feedback (round 1) and assisting in co-creating our twenty-year (2024 - 2044) Strategic Plan and Vision. Amazing.

You have given us your ideas on housing affordability. You have shown us that you want improved parks and better waste management. You are passionate about having more and better events for our community - for us all to come together and enjoy.

We have read each and every submission, and have created a Draft Plan that speaks to what you - the community wants. We truly believe that diversity of option achieves the best outcomes for all.

We invite you to come along and listen to what we have drafted for Burnie's Strategic Plan and Vision by using the feedback that you have given.

Let us know if there something we have missed and if we got it right? 

The following slide show details all the feedback that you have given us, and will be presented Burnie City Councils General Manager - Simon Overland at the community information sessions

It is broken down by each question we asked you:

  • How can council help the growing population?
  • How can Council support growth of jobs and services?
  • What more can Council do to make our city centre lively?
  • What more can council do to help keep our environment healthy?
  • How can Council support you to improve health and wellbeing?
  • How can Council support you to participate to strengthen our community?
  • How would you make Burnie better?

On each page – you will notice the feedback is placed inside circles. The size of the circle represents the amount of feedback we received on the subject. The larger the circle – the larger the amount of feedback. The smaller the circle – the smaller amount of feedback.

The video begins with showing you everything that you – the community have said. It is your voice. Your words.

We then show you how we brought that all together – how we created your Draft Strategic Plan and Vision for Burnie over the next 20 years. 

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