Do you plan to undertake some building works?

If you are building, subdividing, or changing the way you use your land, whether it’s a new business, building, addition or alteration you may need a planning permit and/or a building approval.   

There is a council application process to follow which is broken into two parts:

1. Land Use Planning and Development Permit
Relates to the use and development of land in accordance with the planning scheme - planning permit.  A planning permit allows land to be subdivided, developed or used for a particular purpose, such as the use and construction of a house, residential units, opening a new business or other commercial activity.

2. Building / Plumbing Approval
A building approval or building permit may be required for a structure, fence or retaining wall to ensure that construction will comply with the Building Act 2016.


Do I need planning, building or both?

We happily provide assistance and advice about construction and land use in Burnie.

Prior to commencing any works please talk to one of our helpful planning officers to see if a planning permit is required, we can then refer you to one of our building permit authority officers to discuss what building approvals may be required.

When a planning permit is required, it will need to be approved prior to building approval or a permit being issued. All building work must be consistent with requirements of the planning permit.

By talking to us early in the planning process, we can help by advising any requirements under the planning scheme that may be specific to your land and whether or not a permit may be required. Please call 03 6430 5700 to set up a time to talk to a planning officer.

What is the difference between planning permits and building approvals?

Land Use and Development Permits authorise the development and use of land by assessing proposals against the Tasmanian Planning Scheme and the State's planning legislation. It examines the impact of the proposed use or development of land on the surrounding area.

Building Approvals authorise the construction and alteration of buildings by assessing any proposed new buildings, structures or alteration work against the requirements of the Building Code of Australia, in regards to health, safety and amenity.