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Published on 14 July 2023

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What is FOGO?

FOGO stands for Food Organics and Garden Organics. Under the FOGO service, all types of organic materials - from food scraps to lawn clippings and much more - can be placed in the bright green lidded organics kerbside collection bin. As a general rule, any waste that comes from a plant or animal can go in your FOGO bin. All food scraps including raw or cooked bones, eggshells, citrus, dairy products, rice, pasta, coffee grounds, tea bags, unfinished meals plus out of date food removed from its packaging.

From July 2024, all residential properties will be supplied with a complimentary green kerbside FOGO bin.

Why is a FOGO service being introduced?

Burnie City Council is introducing FOGO into the community as part of our commitment to reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

We know that approximately 50% of the average household waste bin is food and a further 10% is garden waste. By collecting the organic material generated in Burnie homes and businesses and composting it into nutrient rich soil, the FOGO service reduces waste to landfill and the release of greenhouse gas emissions. The compost is later used within agriculture and horticulture therefore ‘closing the loop’ and assisting the City in moving towards our aim of being carbon neutral by 2040.

The introduction of FOGO has the potential to capture up to 13,000 tonnes of organic material and turn it into valuable compost - rather than sending it into landfill. That's a 17% reduction!

What can go in the FOGO bin?

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*Compostable bioplastic products that are certified under one of the following certifications; AS 5810, AS 4736, ASTM D6400, and EN13432 can be placed in your FOGO bin. Look for a label on the product or ask your supplier for certification. Bags and serving-ware (e.g plates & cutlery) made from natural fibres such as wood, paper, bagasse and cardboard can be placed in your FOGO bin.

Will my bin smell?

Not if you follow these few handy tips:

  • Freeze fish & meat waste and put in your FOGO bin the morning of collection
  • Try making a kitchen caddy liner from newspaper
  • Use a sprinkling of bicarbonate soda to deodorise your bin
  • Layer your food waste with garden waste such as lawn clippings & leaf litter
  • Rinse you bin out regularly & let it dry completely
  • Keep your bin in the shade if possible

3-Bin FOGO Game

Test your FOGO knowledge by playing the 3-Bin Fogo Game 😃

Screen Shot FOGO game.PNG

Use of this game is with thanks to our friends over at City of Melville

More information will be provided right here - as we gather and evaluate the implementation of this service for our community. 

Further questions?

Contact burnie@burnie.tas.gov.au or phone 03 6430 5700.





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