The Vision


The Vision - First Round Consultation Update

The first round of community consultation was held in July 2021. A draft business case was developed (the Burnie Cultural Centre Draft Report) which was made available for community consultation in the form of a survey. This focussed on the new vision we wish to create and recommended key concepts to inform the redevelopment of the Burnie Arts and Function Centre and the operations of the newly created centre.

There were 35 formal submissions received from individuals and community groups both within Burnie and from the region generally.

All councillors were provided with and reviewed the full submissions and discussed the community’s feedback at a workshop conducted on 17 August 2021.

As a consequence a number of amendments were made to the draft Report. These changes were made to acknowledge Burnie’s rich artistic and cultural history; the contribution made by our many volunteers; and a commitment to maintaining the status of a regional art gallery in the future redevelopment and operation of the new Cultural Centre.

The final change was associated with the financial information contained in the draft report.  While this information was the consultant’s view of what the community investment might likely be, it was not designed to be a reflection of the budget that the Council will determine at the appropriate time.  The report was subsequently amended to commit to the Burnie community that upon the development of the new Cultural Centre budget in March 2022, that the budget will be released for community consultation.

The amended Burnie Cultural Centre Draft Report (Hirst Project Report) went before Council’s August meeting for consideration and was endorsed by the Council.

The Burnie Cultural Centre Report(PDF, 3MB)  (revised and adopted) is now available.

An analysis of the thematic issues raised in the submissions can be found in the Minutes of the August Council Meeting.

Council Meeting Minutes - 24 August 2021(PDF, 33MB)  
Consideration of Community Feedback and Endorsement of Hirst Project Report - pg 181

Council have committed to ongoing consultation with the whole community in the redevelopment of the cultural centre and the development and implementation of a cultural strategy for Burnie.