Tree Management

Burnie Park in Autumn

Our City is fortunate to have a large number of green spaces with extensive and diverse tree populations. In our street there are many trees.

Trees enhance our urban environment, are critical for supporting ecosystems in the built environment and soften the hard infrastructure around us.

Our trees offset our green-house gas generation.

Council needs to take a balanced approach in managing the extensive stock of trees in our parks, reserves, on road and urban waterways and has a Tree Management Policy(PDF, 165KB) to guide decision making.

If you have queries or concerns regarding trees on Council properties, please contact Council on 6430 5700.

Council receives many queries and questions regarding trees on private property, branches overhanging fences, trees overshadowing properties and the like.

Council has no jurisdiction in resolving such matters.

There are avenues for a resident to progress where they are unable to resolve a tree issue with their neighbour.

The Neighbourhood Disputes about Plants Act 2017 (the Act) establishes a cost effective, efficient and accessible statutory scheme for the resolution of neighbourhood disputes relating to plants.