Annual Fees and Budget

The Rates and Charges policy, plus Fees and Charges, are a vital consideration in the Annual Plan and Budget Estimates process each year, as they underpin the revenue estimates supporting the Council’s long-term Financial Management Strategy.

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User fees relate to contributions toward service delivery costs such as, but not limited to Council services including: parking, waste management centre fees and the hire of halls and sporting grounds.

Statutory fees are levied in accordance with legislative requirements including: building fees, planning fees, parking fines and animal registrations.

Council reviews and adopts its fees and charges schedule each financial year.

Current fees and charges are shown below.


As adopted by Council on 27 June 2023, Item AO095-23 

The long-term Financial Management Plan provides the guiding principles for the Burnie City Council over a ten year period, which is an important input and consideration into the development of the Annual Plan and Budget Estimates each year.

Importantly it details the income required, and the expenditure necessary in order to ensure that community services can continue to be met both now and into the future and that we are able to deliver all of the initiatives needed in order to successfully achieve our long-term vision - Making a Better Burnie 2044.

Please note that when this document was approved by the Council in June 2023, it was initially called the Financial Management Strategy. The document has now been re-titled to accord with the Local Government Act, as the Financial Management Plan.

Financial Management Plan(PDF, 4MB) 

Rates and Charges Policy outlines the principles and procedures for levying rates and charges on properties within the Burnie municipality, ensuring a fair and equitable system of revenue collection to fund essential council services and infrastructure.

Rates and Charges Policy CP-004(PDF, 2MB)

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