Mayor Teeny Brumby



A long held and deep-seated belief in the future of "this great city" is what motivates Teeny.

Born and bred in the "city by the sea", Teeny is a happily married wife and mother of four beautiful children, passionately working to realise the potential of Burnie.

First elected in 2014, re-elected in 2018 and now elected Mayor of Burnie in her third term, she is energised by the honour of serving Burnie and devotes herself fully to the role.

A "true local" infused with contagious passion, Teeny believes families are the fabric of community, and representation for our children is paramount in building a successful and thriving city.

She loves nothing more than meeting constituents on the street for a chat and to hear their many ideas to advance Burnie.

Teeny believes Burnie is moving forward into positive and possibly unprecedented economic times with significant developments planned.

Thrilled to be a part of this new exciting council team, Teeny is committed to sound financial management and seeing Burnie advance with innovation, creativity and the agility to respond to community needs.