Amina Keygan



Councillor Amina Keygan was elected to Council for the second time in 2018. She believes deeply in her community's potential and has made Burnie her home for the past 12 years.

Her priorities for Council are to provide improved equity and access for Burnie's diverse population. Councillor Keygan understands there is more to do so Burnie enjoys sustained economic growth and develops as a cultural hub; a place where all residents can thrive.

During her time at Council she is driven to improve Burnie's roads, parks and services, while also lowering rates.

Councillor Keygan sits on a number of volunteer Boards and is a qualified demographer and runs a small consultancy in Burnie. She uses her skills to make Council decisions informed by evidence and data.   

She believes in fighting for state and federal projects that will ensure residents of Burnie can access training, employment and opportunities that will contribute to the community's wellbeing.