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what3words assigns every 3m x 3m square globally a unique 3-word address, making it easier to share precise meeting points in Burnie for gatherings, deliveries and emergency services.  It’s particularly useful for public properties containing multiple entrances and facilities.  If you need more detailed information or assistance with a specific location in Burnie using what3words, feel free to ask!


w3w meeting points in Burnie

Burnie MTB Park & Pump Track ///flaking.website.roof

Burnie Arts Centre exits 

NW - Carpark - Art Gallery - ///occupy.junction.helm

SE - Plaza - High street - ///munched.riot.bucked

NE - Little Alexander - ///handbag.running.spiking

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Skate Park///claim.spooked.domestic

Burnie Aquatic Centre

Main Entry - ///snapping.left.brother

Back Gate - ///hoofs.skips.manual
 Terrylands st (emergencies only).

Penguin Observation Centre ///domestic.shovels.flopped

Fern Glade Reserve

Entry - ///pencil.avid.owls

Lower - ///insects.blast.amount
 Public toilets & BBQ

Upper - ///legally.beehives.watched
 Public toilets & BBQ upper.

Lookout - ///ridden.gateway.shuttled

Burnie park

Bass hwy entrance & toilets - ///koala.counters.glee
Paraka st entrance - ///bronze.faced.guarding
Park st carpark - ///corn.sliding.snail
Waterfall bottom - ///swam.spoke.grass
Waterfall top Oldaker st ///receive.logic.beans

Cooee Point Reserve RV Dump Point ///liberal.radiantly.cars

Romaine Reserve

Amanda crt carpark - ///dressing.oldest.outdoors  (Playground & Toilet)

Cypress crt - ///ample.pity.exists

Massey Greene #1 ///delay.instant.written, #2 ///spent.properly.nation (Havenview Primary) 

Swanson st - ///padlock.fighters.shell

Mount st -///summon.grab.encroach

Upper Burnie Wilf Campbell lookout 



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