Doing Business in Burnie

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Through our Strategic Plan, Making a Better Burnie 2044, the Burnie City Council is committed to securing industry and business development to assist the economic and employment growth of the Burnie region.  We know that our city is growing, and that we are on the cusp of a renewable energy boom, where Burnie will be a hub for renewal energy activity in Tasmania.

Not only will this create a prosperous future for our city and our community, but it brings with it, significant capacity for developers to leverage these opportunities.

The Burnie City Council has both a City Master Plan and a Settlement Strategy which provides for the desired mix and siting of development within the city and wider municipal area.

The Burnie City Council is willing to provide financial incentives and other forms of assistance for major development that provides considerable revenue and employment opportunities for our Burnie community.  The Council has an Investment Assistance Program that commits support to these major developments in our city.  The assistance available however can take many forms and therefore you are encouraged to contact the Council to discuss what is possible.