Dog Exercise Areas

Find out where all the cool canines are heading for a run and play!
For the energetic pups, perhaps a trip to a beach for dogs may be in order. Or if your pooch is the sociable type, why not take him to the View Road Dog enclosure to mingle with his mates. If your pooch is more suited to walking with his human (on a lead), perhaps a meander on the walking track at Romaine Reserve is more your pace.  
  • Please remember - the exercise areas are there for everyone, so please be considerate. If your dog gets up to mischief by barking excessively or is aggressive in any way, please take him home.
  • Please remember clean up your dog's poo. Plastic bags are provided via a dispenser at some locations.
  • Please remember that many of our beaches are also habitat for some of our endangered and protected bird species.

The map below shows our dog friendly areas.

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