1. What is flooding

Types of flooding that may be experienced in the our community include

  • River or stream flooding
  • Overland flows – sheet flows from adjacent lands
  • Stormwater systems overflows – due to blockage or capacity limitations
  • Localised flooding  on property –  due to blocked pipes or capacity limitations in internal plumbing

Flooding can and does occur in both  the Rural and Urban areas of the municipality.

The steep and undulating topography of the municipality and its main population centres , Burnie and Ridgely , means that generally flood events pass relatively quickly following a rain event.

As such the flood type can generally be called “Flash Flooding”

2. Where does flooding occur

Generally past flooding histories provide knowledge of where a flood event may occur , however this knowledge may not adequately describe the extent of flooding.

Council has built a record over time of past flood events and has also undertaken a range of flood studies in the urban areas as means of improving its knowledge of flood risk and  developing plans to reduce the level of  risk to the community.

Floods studies have been carried out for the following catchments

  • Romaine and Alexander creeks
  • Whalebone creek
  • Shorewell and Stoney creek
  • Cooee creek
  • Ocean vista drainage study
  • Emu River flood study
  • Ridgley Township drainage study

If you live is an area that is potentially impacted by flooding  and wish further information contact council, or search for flood studies on The Australian Flood Risk Information Portal.


3. Flood awareness

If you live close to a creek, river, major storm water drain or in a low‐lying area, you may be at risk from floods.

Even if your property is not inundated by floodwater you could become isolated, access to other areas might be cut and you could lose access to power and/or water.

Floods can pose a risk to your life. The major cause of death during floods is by people entering floodwater, that is driving, riding or walking through floodwater and also children playing in floodwater.

Floods also disrupt business and can affect communities.

If you live in an area prone to flooding it is important to prepare your family and property now before floods arrive.


4. Flood emergency

If you have concerns about flooding refer to the Emergency Management page for information