Making Burnie 2030

Making Burnie 2030

1. Developing the Plan

Making Burnie 2030 is the community’s plan for our future.

Council hosted a significant community planning process in 2011 that led to the development of Making Burnie 2030, a strategic plan for Burnie’s future that provides a set of clear directions for the whole community to work toward.

The plan was reviewed five years on in 2016, and re-affirmed for the next four years. In 2020, the plan was again reviewed with updates made to reflect changes and impacts since the original plan.

Over 500 community members were involved in developing the Making Burnie 2030 plan.

Making Burnie 2030 has enabled the Burnie community to collaboratively reflect on our past, understand our present, re-establish our vision and values and set a mandate to pursue six future directions.

This is the community’s strategic plan for Burnie.

2. Bringing the Plan to life

The success of Making Burnie 2030 hinges on the community partners committing to develop their own goals and strategies and the wider community working together to pursue the broader objectives.

From this plan, Council will develop its own corporate plan and identify its primary responsibilities.

Council’s five-year Corporate Plan fits under Making Burnie 2030 and focuses on the areas in which Council has a direct role. Each year, the Annual Plan identifies the relevant actions for the coming 12 months that will contribute to the achievement of the Corporate Plan.

3. Informing Council decisions

The Strategic and Corporate plans are the driving force behind the policy deliberations of Council and provide the basis for consideration of the activities that Council commits to each year.

The Budget Estimates are prepared in conjunction with the Annual Plan and explain how Council will resource its operational and capital activities for the year. The Annual Plan and Budget Estimates are supported by a Financial Management Strategy and adopted annually by Council prior to the commencement of the new financial year.

At the end of each financial year Council prepares an Annual Report on its performance during that year.