Burnie's Settlement Strategy

Published on 15 February 2024

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Burnie City Council has recently completed a draft Settlement Strategy for the Burnie municipality, and we are asking for community feedback, including how you would like to see Burnie change and grow into the future.

The Settlement Strategy is a planning document that will set the direction for the development of the Burnie City Council area. Its aim is to determine: the existing housing supply, the expected future demand for housing, and where that housing should be developed. 

The strategy aligns with our 20-year strategic plan – Making a Better Burnie 2044, Goal 2 – Making liveable local communities.

Council recently engaged with ERA Planning and Environment, which drafted a State of Play Report, to understand: Burnie now, the current planning environment, what the evidence is telling us about Burnie into the future, and then to consider key challenges and opportunities.



“How we manage growth, while maintaining what people love about living here, is a key issue for us. Council is committed to ensuring the community has a say in setting these matters and helping to establish how much weight we give to them.” Burnie City Mayor Teeny Brumby.


Burnie Settlement Strategy Discussion Paper -16.02.2024(PDF, 3MB)

After clicking-on the above link, please take a look at this Discussion Paper and share your thoughts in the Survey below on how you would like to see Burnie change and grow into the future.

To ensure Council receives broad community input, we will be undertaking a community engagement ‘drop-in session’ on Saturday 24 February 2024 at the Community BBQ, held on the Burnie foreshore from 9am to 1pm.

The project team is looking forward to receiving feedback from the community on the Burnie Settlement Strategy. 

Submissions closed on 3 April 2024.



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