Parking Zones

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Disabled Zones

Designated disabled, wheelchair accessible parking zones are available throughout the CBD.

Disabled permits must be used in a disabled parking zone.  

For parking spaced controlled by a parking meter or voucher machine, time needs to be paid for before any additional time provided under the disability permit scheme takes effect.

Permanent permit applications are available from Service Tasmania and temporary permit applications are available through Council.


Taxi Zones

There are a number of spaces assigned as taxi zones.

For further information refer to Transport Tasmania's information: Using taxis in Tasmania

Bus Zones

Bus zones within the CBD include:

  • Metro Interchange - Cattley Street
  • Redline - Wilmot Street outside of Multi-Storey Car Park

Loading Zones

Loading zones are provided to assist commercial vehicles in the delivery of goods for nearby businesses.

The State Government has legislation that guides who can use loading zones, see loading zone criteria and for how to use loading zones, see particulars pertaining to the use of the loading zone.

Overlength Vehicle Parking

Facilities to park over sized vehicles including Caravan, Motor home, Bus or Trailer.



For further information on parking zones, or on any other matter regarding parking controls within the Burnie Municipality contact; 

Parking Officer on 03 6430 5700, email or visit  City Offices, 80 Wilson Street, Burnie.