Report Local Issues

Published on 06 February 2023

snapsendsolve app

Did you know that you can report an issue to Council and other agencies directly from your mobile phone using the FREE SnapSendSolve app?


  • Abandoned cars or vehicles
  • Abandoned trolleys
  • Animal related issues
  • Communication equipment pits and lids
  • Dumped rubbish and litter
  • Graffiti 
  • Noise
  • Parking
  • Pavements and roads
  • Playground equipment
  • Street lights
  • Street cleaning
  • Trees
  • Water and sewer issues and more...


Snap Send Solve Mobile App

Download the free Snap Send Solve app for iPhone or Android.

It's so simple - you snap and send it and we’ll try to solve it! 

Snap Send Solve eliminates the problem of knowing where, how and who to report incidents to on the spot by enabling you to simply capture and send photos of issues that need attention.

The app will automatically work out who to send the complaint to (i.e. council, government department or other authorities such as Telstra or TasWater). Plus, the GPS facility allows us to see the exact location of the issue. 

snap send solve