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Published on 27 September 2023

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Submissions for the first round of Community feedback has now closed. 

Big thanks to everyone who took the opportunity to Chip In. Many chips were enjoyed, and many chats were had over the last month. More than 160 people from our diverse communities made time to make a submission online or sit down with us at one of our three in-person events.

Although the chips have run out for now, our work is just getting started towards the new look and feel for the redeveloped Burnie Arts Precinct.

Insight gathered over the campaign indicates the people of Burnie prioritise strong connections within families, friends, and community, valuing fairness, equity, and environmental responsibility, sometimes grounded in spiritual beliefs.

If Burnie were a person, it would embody resilience, community-mindedness, and an appreciation for life's simple joys, even in the face of challenges. Burnie's art scene reflects diverse interests, with a preference for contemporary and nature-themed expressions, highlighting the significance of vibrant public installations, and local artists.

The uniqueness of Burnie lies in its industrial heritage, coastal charm, cultural resilience, and potential for future growth and development.

So, now what happens?

We are busy collating all your feedback and ideas. We will bring you all of your collaborated ideas in the form a new Brand Identity Concepts, in the new year. We plan to have 3 different options that we will again go out for community consultation to ask if we got it right! 

Stay Tuned!



August 2023

The Burnie Cultural Precinct is undergoing a remarkable transformation, fuelled by an $18 million funding infusion from the Federal Government. With construction of the cutting-edge facilities already in progress, the Burnie Cultural Precinct is well on its way to becoming a vibrant, inclusive, and accessible hub for all members of the community.



A new campaign initiative by Burnie City Council encourages local residents to "Chip In" ideas to inform the brand evolution and contribute towards the narrative that shapes the precinct's future. At the heart of the campaign are a series of casual gatherings accompanied by complimentary hot chips. These events are scheduled for Saturday September 16th at Burnie Netball Courts (Howe Street Burnie) coinciding with Saturdays netball roster - and Sunday September 17th from 11am - 1pm at the Burnie Waterfront (next to the sea creatures). Questions will cover topics such as favourite types of art, defining Burnie's uniqueness, and envisioning the future of the city. By participating, community members will play an integral role in shaping the Burnie Cultural Precinct's identity and ensuring it resonates with the people it serves.

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As part of the brand development - we will also be giving the community a sneak peek behind the velvet curtain! We will be showing you some of the objects, images and articles that will be displayed in the Cultural centre once opened mid-2024. From the old town clock to Advocate articles from the past. We've discovered images from Burnie in 1909, when the Ernest Albert Winters studio open in Cattley Street. His collection includes images of Burnie and many other areas of the North-West Coast, as well as photographs taken of weddings, social activities, sporting events and family portraits. 

We encourage stories from our First Nations people and other community groups that could provide memories of stories about place, events or objects that reflect our diverse heritage in Burnie. 

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Learn more about Collecting memories - Burnie's Stories in Pictures

We will also show you objects from the 1950s where cards needed to be used to clock in and out to work, and a fun competition where the best Shirly Temple won a prize. We want to collect your memories. Burnie's memories - and showcase them as part of the display. Creating a layered history that will bring connection from past to present. Do you you have a connection? A story to tell? 

Teeny Brumby, Burnie City Council Mayor, emphasizes this collaborative spirit, stating “Burnie is a City that has arts and culture at its heart.  Our new Centre will bring people together through arts and cultural activity, but we want it to be somewhere that we can draw more of our community into.  We see this Cultural Centre building a stronger, more connected community. It will be an integrated and innovative centre with performance spaces, art and history spaces, gathering places, meeting spaces and working places – all within one inclusive and accessible site. We are asking our community to help us find the voice behind the centre. To find the theme of its personality, and how it all comes together with our future of making a better Burnie.”

Megan Perkins, Creative Director for the project’s Branding and Visual Identity, underscores the value of community-driven input: "This is a unique opportunity for Burnie locals to contribute their ideas to help us frame the branding, visual identity, and signage for the precinct transformation, and ensure the collective wisdom of the community is at the centre of the new look, aligning with their aspirations and reflecting the special character of Burnie and its people."

The campaign encourages submissions, offering participants the opportunity to contribute online at their convenience. Those preferring face-to-face conversation can chip in, share ideas and enjoy complimentary hot chips at the pop-up events, and workshops will deliver important brainstorming opportunities for community leaders to contribute.

Mark Viner, Burnie Arts Executive Manager highlights “The precinct aspires to make art accessible to everyone, our aim is to empower every individual to envision Burnie's cultural landscape anew. We believe in art's ability to resonate with everyone and transcend boundaries."

The 'Chip In' campaign invites Burnie's residents to co-create the personality for their city's cultural core.

Join us in shaping a precinct that mirrors Burnie's distinct character, values, and aspirations.

Submissions are now closed. 



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