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Council produces financial, governance and strategic documents to guide its operations and to inform the community about the organisation, its services and future objectives.

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Council enforces a range of rules to ensure community safety and public order.  These rules are set out in Burnie City Council’s local by-laws, and cover a number of aspects of daily life.

A full list of current by-laws is available here: By-laws


User fees relate to contributions toward service delivery costs such as, but not limited to Council services including: parking, waste management centre fees and the hire of halls and sporting grounds.

Statutory fees are levied in accordance with legislative requirements including: building fees, planning fees, parking fines and animal registrations.

Council reviews and adopts its fees and charges schedule each financial year.

Current fees and charges are shown below.

Council has several policies in place that provide guidelines to help manage certain situations or events involving the Council and its community.

 A policy sets out Council's views with respect to a particular matter. Policies ensure that council decisions are carried out consistently to support the vision for the region.

 If you have any questions on the content of these policies, please contact us.

The Public Land Register lists land classified as Public Land in the Burnie municipality under Section 177A of the Local Government Act 1993.

Maps are also available to read in conjunction with the Register.

The Public Land Register includes (but is not limited to):

  • Parks, reserves, playgrounds, walking tracks, sporting and recreation grounds
  • Public open space and cemeteries
  • Facilities and car parks - leisure, community halls, public toilets

Council maintains the Council Map, in accordance with section 208 of the Local Government Act 1993.

The Council Map comprises both urban and rural maps and indexes to roads.

The council map shows:

  • State highways and council roads (sealed/unsealed)
  • Stormwater pipes within the stormwater district
  • Landslide hazard areas
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Right to Information - Assessed Disclosure

The Burnie City Council provides information to the public through proactive disclosure by placing information on our website.

If you have been unable to access the information you are seeking you may complete a Right to Information - Assessed Disclosure Application