Contest a Parking Infringement

Parking Officers take photographs of the vehicle and relevant signage or road markings to support the infringement notice. 

To contest the infringement notice you will be required to complete an Application to Withdraw Infringement Notice form. This must be completed within 28 days of the infringement notice being issued. 

Withdrawal request

Information to support your application:

To assist in a prompt decision on your application, please include any relevant documents which are evidence to support your case. If these documents are not provided we will reply to you and request the documents before a decision can be made. Please refer to the reasons for request that will and will not be considered below

Application to Withdraw Infringement Notice(PDF, 95KB)

Each application needs to be signed in front of a Justice of the Peace, Commisioner for Declarations or Authorised Person (available at the Burnie City Council City Offices)


Reasons for request for withdrawal which we will not consider: 

• You were getting change for the parking meter or voucher machine.

• You were unfamiliar with the road rules or parking conditions.

• Appointment ran over time or delayed in a queue.


Reasons for request for withdrawal which we will consider: 

• You were not the driver at the time the infringement was issued. As the registered operator you will need to provide a Statutory Declaration signed by a Justice of the Peace which includes the nominated driver's full name, address and date of birth. If you are unable to provide these details then you remain legally responsible for the infringement notice.

• There was a medical emergency which resulted in the infringement notice being issued. We will require verification from the doctor or hospital concerned that covers the time of the infringement notice.

• The vehicle had broken down. We will require a receipt for repairs or towing of the vehicle which covers the vehicle in question and the date the infringement was issued.