Asbestos Awareness


Asbestos is deadly.

Asbestos causes cancer. 

Asbestos needs to be disposed of properly.

But what is Asbestos ?

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that resists heat, erosion, and decay, and is fire and water-resistant. Before the 1980s, Australia had one of the highest per capita uses of asbestos in the world, with asbestos cement being the most common form used for building due to its low cost, durability, and fire-resistant properties. 

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Advertising from mid to late 1960s

Asbestos in buildings was discontinued in the 80s, and a complete ban on asbestos-containing products was implemented in Australia in 2003. It is illegal to import, sell, or use any asbestos-containing materials, but existing asbestos in homes is allowed to remain.

What makes asbestos dangerous 💀

Asbestos fibres can be released into the air when handling asbestos-containing materials without proper safety procedures. These fibres are extremely thin, can be easily inhaled and cause damage to the lungs over time. It is crucial to follow safety procedures when dealing with asbestos to prevent harm.


Asbestos becomes a health risk when asbestos fibres are released into the air and breathed in.

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To avoid asbestos harm, its important to know what it is, how it affects us, and where exposure risks lie - friable vs. non-friable is key! 

What is Friable and Non-Friable Asbestos?



Non-friable asbestos cannot be easily crumbled by hand pressure when dry, so it is less likely to release harmful fibers into the air. This reduces health risks associated with asbestos exposure.

Examples of non-friable asbestos include:

  • vinyl floor tiles
  • cement sheets
  • bitumen products and textured decorated coatings (such as Artex).
NF asbestos.PNG

examples of Non-Friable asbestos

Friable asbestos is any asbestos-containing material that is in a powder form or can be crumbled by hand. These materials are more susceptible to damage and can release harmful fibers into the air when disturbed. Friable asbestos can only be removed by a removalist with a friable asbestos licence.

Examples of friable asbestos materials are

  • thermal insulation
  • insulation boards
  • pipe lagging
  • sprayed coatings


F Asbestos.PNGF Asbestos 2.PNG

examples of Friable asbestos


Asbestos Disposal @ The Waste Transfer Station



Yes, Burnie's Waste Transfer Station does accept small quantities of asbestos - however in the interest of health and safety please follow the below steps:

🟡 You must let us know that you are coming, call the Waste Management Centre on 03 6430 5834 before you arrive, our friendly Toll Both operators know all about asbestos removal and will give you tips to help keep us all safe: Asbestos Safety

🟡 Ensure the asbestos has been dampened to reduce dust emission

🟡 Double wrap the asbestos in heavy duty plastic and seal with tape

🟡 Label the package 'Caution - Asbestos'

🟡 Drop it off in the designated skip at the Waste Management Centre

If the above procedure is not followed and a resident illegally dumps asbestos - fines can apply 

If you have any questions at all about disposal of asbestos please call us at the Waste Management Centre Toll Booth on 03 6430 5834.

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