Burnie Coastal Pathway

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The Burnie Coastal pathway started back in 2009 with 5km shared cycling and walking pathway from Emu River to Cooee Creek including the new Burnie Boardwalk.  In 2010 Council's from Wynyard to Latrobe came together and developed the Northwest Coastal Pathway Plan committing to a shared vision of linking our towns across the coast. Below are some of the major activities and pathway sections that Burnie have contributed toward this vision over the past 14 years.


  • Cooee to Wynyard-Coastal Pathway and Revetment Structures-Red Rock Cooee to Port Creek Wynyard

Construction of seven rock revetments to prevent onshore erosionbetween Wynyard and Burnie. 
FebDoctors Rocks track removal.  BCC lay concrete sections from Emu River Bridge to Wivenhoe beach.
Jan: Cam river crossing & additional 1km asphalt in Cooee.  Somerset track removal commences.

Dec: Asphalt laying commences.
Nov: Penguin fencing commences between Cam river and Cooee Point.
OctShaws progress Leveling the sub grade ballast for the first 2km from Cooee Creek.
Placement of pavement material (pink gravel) from Cooee Creek west.
Fairbrother complete sections at Westpark as part of the UTAS redevelopment.
Sep: Shaw Contracting commenced work on Cooee to Wynyard sections starting with vegetation and rail line removal.
Jul: Tender awarded to Shaw Contracting
JunContractors are invited to tender for the works.
May: Development Application is lodged DA 2022/166 Bass Highway (Cooee Point to Cam River)




2022 - Council and State Government come to agreement on future responsibilities for erosion control, enabling the Coastal Erosion Control & Revetment Design to be tendered for Cooee to Wynyard Coastal Pathway.

2021 - South Burnie Beach Esplanade improvements included Coastal Pathway re-alignment in addition to provision of facilities.

  • South Burnie Beach Esplanade section 

2020 - Burnie City Council was appointed railway corridor manager between the Burnie port and Wynyard giving the council control of the maintenance and management of the rail corridor, allowing it to progress the Coastal Pathway, negotiations continued over the future responsibility of erosion management.

2019 - State government allocated $12 million to the development to manage the significant erosion issues.

2018  - Major Coastal Erosion issues occur due to storm surge, king tide and storms causing widespread damage, negotiations with state government commenced.

$1.65m Marine Terrace section linking the Oakleigh Overpass near Spring Street to the Waterfront Precinct.  Featuring a cantilevered section from Cattley Street north to the Metro cinema with a lookout to the Burnie Port. Minor works behind West Park Oval linking the pathway through to the boardwalk, completed the Coastal Pathway from Cooee to Emu River.  The Burnie parkrun began in June. 

  • Oakleigh Overpass
  • Marine Terrace
  • West Park 

2017 -  $1.86m Cooee to Wynyard Funding Announced from the State Government.  The $3.7 million project to be jointly funded by the Burnie and Waratah-Wynyard Councils. 

2010 - The new Burnie Boardwalk officially opened and Burnie officially launched the 3km Coastal Pathway shared cycling and walking pathway from Emu River to Cooee, this included the following sections: 

  •  Cooee (red rock) to Westpark
  •  Burnie Boardwalk
  •  Oakleigh Park to Yacht Club
  •  Yacht club to Emu River (Burnie Pulp Paper Trail)

2009 - Burnie Pathway planning commenced

$969,000 from Federal Government funding Jobs Fund  - National Bike Path Projects, plus $375 from state Government to match Council's funding contribution.  The $1.7 million project will see a 5km shared cycling and walking pathway from Emu River to Cooee Creek. 

In addition to this Council was also granted $1.26 million from Federal Government Jobs Fund for the Waterfront Boardwalk project. 


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