North Terrace (Basalt Columns) Car Park

north terrace basalt columns car park

Operating Hours
Monday to Friday
8:30am to 6pm

8:30am to 2pm

Open-air car park opposite the beach and close to the cinema with no time limit and an early bird rate. Enjoy the convenience of the EasyPark app.



Basalt Columns Garden - Geological Feature

Also a great spot along the Coastal Pathway to stop and take a photo of the beautiful volcanic rock formation of basalt columns, which are featured in the publication called Created from Chaos: a Geological Trail of 100 Sites in Tasmania

"Attractive basalt columns with almost perfect hexagonal symmetry of cooling joints.

An excellent example of geometric columnar jointing in a tertiary basaltic lava flow exhibiting unique curved "ball and socket" joints across columns."



North Terrace Basalt Columns Car Park, Burnie 7320  View Map and directions

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