Living in Burnie

Burnie is an ideal place to live, work and play. Our City by the Sea is a diverse and attractive regional hub that celebrates its industrial past and embraces its bright and creative future

It has a population just shy of 20,000, which is mostly concentrated along the coast, with urban areas around the main township of Burnie (including residential, industrial and commercial land use). Rural land is used largely for forestry and farming, grazing and crop growing. The city has a total land area of about 600 square kilometres.

Within Burnie and the surrounding areas there are beaches, parks, gardens and waterfall walks. There’s also opportunities to view wildlife, such as penguins along the coast and platypus at nearby Fernglade Reserve.

As one of two service hubs on the north-west coast, the CBD has plenty of options. There are all levels of education including the University of Tasmania Burnie Campus, making it an excellent choice for people looking to settle in an area that has access to city amenities, with a picturesque and laid-back pace of life.

Council is focused on renewing significant city infrastructure and on working toward a more live-able city to attract growth in residents, tourism and business investment.

Making Burnie 2030 is the community’s plan for our future. More than 500 community members were involved in developing the Making Burnie 2030 plan. Making Burnie 2030 has enabled the Burnie community to collaboratively reflect on our past, understand our present, re-establish our vision and values and set a mandate to pursue six future directions. This is the community’s strategic plan for Burnie.