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Published on 17 November 2022

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Council is progressing capital works at South Burnie Beach precinct this financial year. The objective of the infrastructure development is to improve the overall amenity and functionality of the South Burnie Beach boat ramps including improved access and parking for recreational boat users, other watercraft, and fishermen/women.

Recently Council has undertaken consultation with key stakeholder groups to develop a concept design, and we are now seeking community feedback on the project to finalise the concept, before progressing to a development application, land use permits and detailed design.

Please note: Submissions close Sunday 4th December 2022

Review the details below and submit your feedback 

The project elements are:

Boat Trailer Parking and Shared Pathway

  • The existing access road between the inner and outer boat ramps is proposed to be widened to the east to create a 1.5 m wide pedestrian/shared pathway, a 5.0 m wide one way access and new rigging and de-rigging boat trailer parks at the Outer Boat Ramp. All road and pathway surfaces will be asphalt. The boat trailer turn/manoeuvring areas will be concrete.
  • At the Outer Boat Ramp, the boat trailer manoeuvring space will be widened to the east. The existing DDA compliant carpark space will be retained and upgraded to include a new DDA compliant boat trailer park.
  • At the Inner Boat Ramp, the space on the north side will be enlarged to create 4 boat trailer parks and 2 new boat trailer parks will be a created at a widened two way access road between the main carpark and the inner boat ramp.
  • A 1.5 m wide pedestrian/cycle shared pathway will be provided along the west side of the development from the Coastal Pathway junction to the Outer boat ramp. This pathway aims to provide defined safe access to all precinct users. Associated facilities will include parking space/signage and pathway line marking, additional CCTV cameras and lighting.

This project element is facilitated by a State Recreational Fishing and Camping Facilities Grant of $200,000 and a Council contribution of up to $300,000.

New Concrete Stepped Pier

A new stepped concrete pier is to be placed at the outer Boat Ramp. Funded by Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST), the new structure aims to improve flexibility and access for launch/retrieve and docking. It will supplement the existing timber and lower jetty and is designed to cater for a wide range of craft. The approximate cost is $300,000.

The concept is for a straight concrete pier that would enable docking on both sides of the pier at the outer end. Some stakeholders have suggested a pier that is flared out at the western end is necessary to create a wider boat manoeuvring space, however a flared pier arrangement would not provide for docking on both sides, due to its proximity to the breakwater bund armour rock and will likely make the pier harder to use at lower tide levels for single handed operators.

Existing Outer Timber Jetty

The existing outer timber jetty structure, with the lower jetty on its shore side will remain and be upgraded, funded by a State Government Recreational Boating and Fishing Grant of $130,000, to provide ongoing use by the boating and fishing community. The upgrade works will substantially extend the life of the timber structure by providing new whalers, bracing systems and pile repairs. Fenders on the existing FRP lower jetty will be extended to above the high water mark for improved visibility and it will receive minor repairs.

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👉 Stepped Concrete Pier Concept Plan  👈


Project Timeline

Public Consulation       November 2022
Land use and other permits      February 2023
Design and Tender       December to March 2023
Construction       April to August 2023


Please note: Submissions close Sunday 4th December 2022


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