South of Burnie


Head into the heart land of Tasmania and visit the World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain National Park.  On your journey to Cradle call into Waratah and its magnificent waterfall in the main street.

With its ancient rainforests and alpine hills, the National Park is one of the state's most special places.  Rugged Cradle Mountain and its valleys provide a rich habitat for wildlife, including Tasmanian devils, wombats, pademelon, quolls, platypus, echidna and several bird species. A nature lover’s delight, take a variety of short walks or the popular two-hour walk around Dove Lake.

If the wildlife is a little timid, visit Devils @ Cradle and learn about Tasmania’s carnivorous mammals and the facial tumor effecting the Tasmanian Devil population.

Take an alternate route back to Burnie via Sheffield, or continue your journey into the wilderness of Tasmania's west coast.

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