Burnie MTB Park - Pump Track and Mountain Bike Trails


The View Road Reserve now boasts a state-of-the-art bicycle facility known as the "Send it, Case it" pump track, complemented by dirt jumps and mountain bike trails.

This development caters to a diverse range of riders, offering an inclusive and exciting environment for cyclists of all ages and skill levels to enjoy, promoting fitness, connection and overall well-being. 

Grab your BMX, scooter, skateboard, inline skates, mountain bike or unicycle (?) and Send it!

Council engaged Ridemore Pty Ltd for the design and construction of the tracks.  The Ridemore design presents a multitude of benefits catering to cyclists of various skill levels and experience, including:

- Convenient accessibility to the pump track, strategically located at the lower level (car park) for easy access and close to the public toilet.
- A designated children's zone integrated within the pump track, providing a safe and enjoyable space specifically designed for young riders.
- Thrilling dirt jumps that offer an exhilarating experience for cyclists seeking an extra challenge.
- The inclusion of three downhill mountain bike trails situated on the hillside above the car park. These trails not only separate mountain bike riders from the shared pathway around the Reserve but also provide diverse levels of difficulty to cater to different skill sets.
- At the southern end of the pump track, a brand-new meeting and hangout area has been created for riders and visitors alike. This section is accessible via the granite sand pathway along the west side of the pump track.
- Additionally, the Emu Bay Lions Club generously donated two shelters and along with a bike rack, a water bubbler, rubbish bin, plus seating facilities, makes for an attractive gathering space.
- Plenty of parking space is available at the View Road Reserve, ensuring convenient access and unloading of bikes.


Rules to keep us all safe

  • For mountain bike use only. No motorbikes.
  • Always wear appropriate safety gear including helmet, gloves, protective padding and eye protection.
  • The downhill trails are of varying difficulty. Always inspect trail before using and assess against your skill level.
  • Show respect and consideration for other users of this facility.
  • Alcohol or smoking is not permitted.
  • Dogs must be kept on leash in this area.
  • Do not degrade the trails or jumps through misuse or modification.
  • Dispose of litter thoughtfully.

Enjoy safely and have fun!


Burnie Pump Track and Mountain Bike Trails, View Rd, Montello 7320  View Map and directions

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