Guide Falls


A 20-minute scenic drive south of Burnie past the township of Ridgley, Guide Waterfall is the most accessible waterfalls in the Burnie hinterland.

Car parking just within the reserve's entrance provides a wonderful picnic area with BBQ facilities and toilets.   Take the easy 10-minute walk to the base of the waterfalls.  Climb the steep stairs to the viewing platform for a birds-eye view of the falls. 

Additional vehicle access to the top of the falls ensures easy access for all.

Guide Falls flows year-round but is most spectacular in winter and spring.


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Guide Falls FAQ's

Q: Where is Guide Falls located?
A: Guide Falls is located near Burnie in Tasmania, Australia. Specifically, it's located in the Guide Falls Reserve, which is about a 20-minute drive south of Burnie.

Q: What is Guide Falls?
A: Guide Falls is a waterfall that cascades over a series of rock formations, creating a picturesque and peaceful natural setting. It's a popular destination for tourists and locals alike who enjoy hiking, picnicking, and taking in the natural beauty of Tasmania.

Q: How tall is Guide Falls?
A: Guide Falls is approximately 10 meters (33 feet) tall.

Q: Is it difficult to get to Guide Falls?
A: No, getting to Guide Falls is relatively easy. There's a well-marked walking track from the car park that takes visitors directly to the falls. The walk takes about 10 minutes and is suitable for most fitness levels.

Q: Is guide falls burnie accessible for a wheelchair?
A: Yes, Guide Falls in Burnie is wheelchair accessible. There are designated paths and viewing areas that provide accessibility for visitors with mobility challenges, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the beauty of the falls and its surrounding nature.

Q: Are there any facilities at Guide Falls Reserve?
A: Yes, there are several facilities available at Guide Falls Reserve, including a picnic area, restrooms, and barbecue facilities. There's also a playground for children and plenty of parking.

Q: What is the best time of year to visit Guide Falls?
A: Guide Falls is beautiful year-round, but the best time to visit is during the spring and summer months (September to February), when the weather is warmer and the waterfall is at its fullest. However, the falls are also spectacular after heavy rainfall.

Q: Is there an entrance fee to visit Guide Falls Reserve?
A: No, there is no entrance fee to visit Guide Falls Reserve. It's free for visitors to explore the reserve and enjoy the natural beauty of the falls.


Guide Falls, 245 West Ridgley Rd, Ridgley 7321  View Map and directions

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