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As part of its long and medium term planning role, Council develops a range of plans and strategies across various issues. The purpose of this is to guide decisions over the long term toward an agreed plan and direction.

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As adopted by Council 28 June 2022, Item AO120-22

The City of Burnie 2022-23 Annual Plan and Budget Estimates were adopted on 28 June 2022.


In 2022-23, the Burnie City Council is delivering a $35.3 million budget to continue our momentum in achieving our commitment to the community by the delivery of the Council Plan 2022-2025 objectives.

Highlights of the budget include:

  • Total budget: $35.390 million
  • Total operating expenditure: $35.366 million
  • A return to a surplus operating budget of $0.24 million
  • Record investment in infrastructure: $20.8 million
  • Investment in essential city services: $5.7 million
  • Investment in important community facilities: $6.1 million
  • Investment in roads, footpaths and drainage: $1.7 million
  • Support for community connectedness through the Community Grants Program: $0.141 million

Read the Mayor's overview on pages 3-4(PDF, 69KB)

As accepted by Council on 21 November 2017, Item AO278-17

The Master Plan for the Burnie town centre identifies opportunities for growth and investment, and provide the structure for a thriving and vibrant centre through a coordinated vision. The master plan also addresses a number of key functional and design related issues identified, as a means of enhancing and improving the town centre for residents and visitors alike.

The Burnie City Council adopted its Four Year Council Plan at its meeting of 26 October 2021.

The Council Plan has been developed with the input of both Councillors and senior staff which contains three key deliverables that will determine the major areas of focus for the Council over the next four year period.

The Council’s key deliverables (goals) in our Four Year Plan are:

  1. To have a Vibrant Town Centre by enhancing the attractiveness and vitality of our town centre
  2. To use strategic management in planning for, delivering and operating all of Council’s Community Facilities to Support Liveability; and
  3. To be Environmentally Responsible by protecting and improving our environment as a whole.”

To achieve a Vibrant Town Centre the Council is committed to delivering a town centre that is clean, well maintained and attractive; ensuring that recreational and public space is activated and that entertainment and leisure events are facilitated with key partners, and that the town centre is multi-functional, well connected and lived in.

For our Community Facilities to Support Liveability - the Council is committed to ensuring that the building and maintenance of Council facilities aligns with Council’s strategic priorities and community needs and that facilities are maximized for community benefit, are well managed and are used safely.

The Council is committed to being Environmentally Responsible by protecting and improving our environment as a whole, to minimising Council’s negative impact on our environment, mitigating the impacts of climate change, and reducing Burnie’s waste stream to landfill while also supporting our community to improve our environment for future generations.

Importantly, the Council Plan also includes six enablers which will underpin the successful delivery of the Council Plan by ensuring an effective and efficient operating environment focused on: financial management; our people; community consultation; data to inform evidenced based decision making; digital transformation; and agility.

As adopted by Council 26 October 2021, Item AO190-21

As adopted by Council on 28 June 2022, Item AO117-22

The Financial Management Strategy provides the guiding principles for the Burnie City Council over a ten year period, which is an important input and consideration into the development of the Annual Plan and Budget Estimates each year.

Importantly it details the income required, and the expenditure necessary in order to ensure that community services can continue to be met both now and into the future.

Public Notice: Council Adopts Financial Management Strategy

As endorsed by Council on 20 September 2011 AO274-11, revised 17 May 2016 AO116-16, revised 20 October 2020 AO246-20

Making Burnie 2030, a strategic plan for Burnie’s future that provides a set of clear directions for the whole community to work toward.

As adopted by Council on 21 June 2016, Item AO145-16

This road network strategy details an action plan for a more effective use of resources and providing a road management framework which supports economic activity and the linking of communities.

As adopted by Council on 20 November 2007 (SIS 2007), Item 505; and 18 July 2017 (Addendum Update 2017), Item AO164-17

The Burnie Settlement & Investment Strategy is a planning initiative of Burnie Council.

The Strategy provides a vision and framework of how integrated future land use planning, urban development and investment in Burnie can grow through to 2026.


As adopted by Council on 21 March 2017, Item AO060-17

This Stormwater System Management Plan provides a high level understanding of how Council manages its existing stormwater reticulation, opportunities to improve system management and planning for the future, document risks associated with stormwater and our plans to addresses potential risks to the community.

As adopted by Council 21 July 2020, Item AO166-20

This Strategic Asset Management Plan informs Council the way it delivers services from infrastructure including; transport, bridges and culverts, stormwater drainage, parks reserves and cemeteries, buildings and parking, waste management, vehicles plant and equipment.

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