Burnie's War Memorial to sparkle

Published on 03 March 2023

Burnie's War memorial to sparkle.png

Burnie’s war memorial in Burnie Park will be carefully cleaned beginning 7th March 2023

The blue granite obelisk commemorates those from the district who died in service or were killed in action during World War One. It was erected on Sunday 17th February, 1924

Nearby is the 100 Years of ANZAC Memorial with two winged walls commemorating the landings at Gallipoli and dedicated in 2015. The walls also acknowledge past and future conflicts which are not recognised on the Cenotaph. A plaque already affixed is dedicated to Corporal Cameron Baird of Burnie who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2013. He was the 100th Australian to be awarded a Victoria Cross

War memorial.PNG

after the dedication on Sunday 17th February, 1924

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