Bass Highway - Second Cam River Bridge Feasibility Study

Published on 26 October 2023

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In October 2022, the existing Cam River Bridge was partially closed when flooding in the river caused damage to the bridge. The closure lasted for 12 days and had a significant impact on the community and industry. 

A new, two-lane bridge is currently under construction and is expected to open in early 2024. This bridge is designed to withstand significant flood events and is higher and wider than the existing bridge. 

The community expressed concerns that a single bridge would not be sufficient in flood or crash events and a second, alternative crossing was needed. The Premier, Jeremy Rockliff responded by committing to investigate potential crossings through the feasibility study.

Feasibility Study

This study looks at a number of locations for a potential crossing and assess each location against four criteria. The criteria will help the Department of State Growth understand what impact the crossing will have and whether this will be positive or negative.
The four criteria we used are:

  • Regional traffic Impact - Will the crossing carry heavy freight and passenger traffic? Will it improve traffic flow? Will the crossing be convenient for Bass Highway traffic?
  • Local traffic impact - Will local trips be improved by the crossing? Will the crossing be used for walking and cycling? Will the crossing impact on other local roads?
  • Social and environmental impact - Would land be acquired to build this crossing? Will the crossing separate the community from the beach? Will there be a visual impact to the area? What impact will there be to plants and wildlife?
  • Cost impact
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The eight crossing locations proposed in the feasibility study


The Tasmanian Government has committed to completing a feasibility study into a second Cam River crossing. There is currently no funding for a new crossing.


For further information, you can call or email the Department of State Growth to ask a question or to leave your feedback

phone : 6210 0662 

email :



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