Replacing Romaine Walking Bridge

Published on 02 December 2022

Tenders and Oppurtunities (1).png

The construction team will be replacing the Romaine Walking Bridge off Sebastian Ct Romain.

This will have limited pedestrian access and Sebastian Ct will be one lane only.  

Sebastrian Ct..png

Sebastian Ct. location

Walking track from Sebastian Crt to Mount Street will be closed Monday 5th to Friday 10th of December.

Sebastian Crt will be restricted to 1 lane as we use a 220T crane to place the bridge in place 50m from the road - This will be Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th December 2022

Please observe all signs while we construct this bridge including walking track closed as this will be unsafe to the public.

Romaine Bridge - old.JPG

Old bride to be replaced (above)

Romaine Bridge.JPG

New bridge to be installed (above)

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