Marinus Link Project Updates

Published on 04 November 2022


Marinus Link is a proposed two-way electricity and telecommunications interconnector between Victoria and Tasmania. 

This project is a significant milestone for the North West Coast, and for Burnie.  

At 1500 megawatts (MW), it has a capacity equal to the power supply for 1.5 million homes!

This historic agreement between Tasmanian and Victorian Governments will result in more jobs, lower power prices and clear energy future. 

The Marinus Link will also unlock $7 billion in renewable energy projects including wind, solar and hydro developments - and clear the way for further renewable energy methods. 

The plans include a convertor station site at Heybridge.


This 'self-levelling' platform is out on the water near Heybridge.
It is used to carry out geotechnical investigations, which involves taking core samples - helping to understand the conditions of the sea floor.

Marinus Link involves some:

  • 255 kilometres of high voltage direct current (HVDC) undersea cabling
  • converter stations at each end in Tasmania and Victoria
  • 90 kilometres of HVDC underground cabling - 150 times greater than all three current Bass Strait fibre optic cables combined!
  •  The first 750 MW stage is forecast to be built and operating from 2028, with the second 750 MW stage from 2030. 
  • Marinus Link Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of TasNetworks.


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