Have your Say - Burnie Court Complex Relocation

Published on 31 January 2023

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💬 Have your Say - Burnie Court Complex Relocation 💬

The Tasmanian Government made a clear commitment to work with the community on the Burnie Court redevelopment to deliver a contemporary court complex that is fit for purpose and enables the efficient operation of the Supreme and Magistrates Courts in Burnie.

The Burnie Court Complex, currently located at 38 Alexander Street, houses the Burnie Supreme and Magistrates Courts.

The building was opened in the early 1970s. It no longer meets the essential functional and operational requirements of a contemporary court facility.

Following community feedback that indicated a strong desire to retain the Burnie Court Complex in the Central Business District (CBD), the Government instructed the Department of Treasury and Finance to conduct a targeted Expression of Interest (EOI) process to ascertain if the CBD had any potentially suitable sites before continuing with the project. Three sites were subject to further investigation and assessment following the EOI process.

On 22 December 2022, the Government announced that two CBD sites, identified through the Expression of Interest process conducted earlier this year, have been assessed as suitable for a replacement Burnie Court Complex.

The two CBD sites are located at:

As residents of Burnie, don’t forget to have your say regarding the location of the proposed new Burnie Court Complex.

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Consultation closes: 10 February 2023



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