Half yearly progress of the Annual Plan for 2022-23

Published on 10 February 2023


The Annual Plan and Budget Estimates is developed by the Council each year setting out the key deliverables to be undertaken, together with the budgeted resources required to achieve them.

The below Progress Report outlines the progress made against each of the current year’s Annual Plan actions to date.




2022-23 Annual Plan Actions

Progress Update


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Commence redevelopment of the new Burnie Cultural Centre


The Council adopted the final architectural plans that take account of community feedback, at the meeting of 13 December 2022. Tender contract #2694 for the redevelopment works was issued in November.

Discussions are continuing with the new Commonwealth Government about the timing of the provision of the $13M commitment to this project made during the last Federal election.

In Progress

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Develop a feasibility assessment for the increase in capacity of the Upper Burnie Sports Centre


The architect brief was released for tender on 20 October 2022. Five tenders were received and the successful tender was approved by the Council in the December meeting. The tender was awarded to DWT architects. Concept design work is due to be completed and presented to Council at the end of March 2023.

In Progress

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Commence procurement of environmentally responsible vehicles and plant

Council has commenced to transition its commuter fleet, purchasing one electric car and one plug in hybrid. A further two hybrids will be purchased in this financial year.

In Progress

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Develop an Asset Management Planning - Improvement Strategy to underpin long term financial forecasting

The Council have engaged the services of an asset management consultant to commence development of the Strategy in January 2023.

In Progress

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Conduct a cultural survey

This initiative is scheduled to be undertake in the first part of 2023.

Not yet commenced

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Develop a new 10 year Strategic Plan

The development to the Strategic Plan is yet to occur. Important data needs to be developed first (refer Data action below) to inform the context of the Strategic Plan.

Not yet commenced

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Develop a Building Our Best Future Report


SGS Economics have been commissioned to undertake a Background Paper on the strategic context that will impact Burnie over the next 20 years to underpin the development of the Strategic Plan. Additionally place intelligence data is being developed so that Council can form insights into asset utilisation in Burnie in order to inform future decision making and to evaluate future projects.

In Progress

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Commence implementing the five year Digital Transformation Strategy


The Council’s Digital Transformation Strategy was adopted by the Council at its meeting of 13 December 2022 which now provides the framework of the effort and investment required.

A number of key projects are now underway - the largest of these is the development of a contemporary Active Directory system which is nearing completion.


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Develop Council’s Community Recovery Function

This initiative is yet to be commenced.

Not yet commenced









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