Street Dining Permits in Burnie CBD

Published on 15 December 2022


The Burnie City Council is inviting Restaurant and Café owners to apply for an outdoor dining permit.

The associated fee of $6 per chair per month that was originally waived over the period of the cruise ship season - has now been extended into the foreseeable future 😊

If you are interested in creating another level of experience for your dining customers, you can simply submit the following:

  • A Street Dining Licence Application
  • A copy of a current certificate issued by the council in respect of the food business pursuant too the Food Act 2003
  • A drawing with sufficient detail to determine the location and extent of the furniture to be placed on the footpath
  • A copy of the certificate of currency of the public and products insurance referred to in Clause 11 (1)(a) of The Street Dining By-Law No.1 of 2020

To submit your application you can:

Drop it off at the Burnie City Council office customer service desk ( 80 Wilson Street, Burnie )


Email to

You can find the Application for a Street Dining Licence, and the Street Dining By-law below 👇

Please ensure you have read the Street Dining By-law, to further understand the conditions in complying with a Street Dining permit. 

Outdoor Dining Application







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